Ken’s words of wisdom

The Volunteer Leadership Myth

I trained new board members for one of my clients this week. I once again found that one very talented new board member had succumbed to a common myth. This person is a gifted strategic planner and wanted very much to get involved in developing 3-5 year operational plans for this particular nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, he has just become a member of the board of directors and as such has...
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Who leads your organization, your board or your executive?

This has become my favorite question for nonprofits and municipalities.  Who leads your organization, your board of directors or your executive director and their team? Most people initially look at me as if I have asked them a riddle and then most say, “Well, I think we both do.” My follow-up is, “You’re probably right. How is it working for both of you to lead the organization?” They immediately...
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